tay liang yu aka liang or fish.................

All the time. on We Heart It.


All the time. on We Heart It.

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I love how you change for me.

Starting from you kissing me in public when I know its uncomfortable to you, but you tried and did it with a shy boyish smile. To you getting all excited when no one is at home, so I could go up and cuddle with you at the sofa watching gold rush.
Your first time cooking for a girl other than family, and you put in 200% of effort for me (adding precious scallops into my porridge, and boiling of the fish bones to make my porridge sweeter), while yours was cooked separately without much ingredients.

You putting in so much effort for me, because you know I want to go this place/do this. saying yes to my requests, and being all gentlemen about it.

I love you so so much fkyl. ♡

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